Nina Dobrev and Matt Davis at the The Vampire Diaries Comic-Con 2014 - Panel. (July 26)

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Kristen Stewart on the set of the Twilight Saga [Part 1]

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color memewomen of hannibal + summer colors (requested by renlybaratheon)

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anonymous asked: alana bloom or bedelia du maurier?

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sailor moon graphic meme: [1/1] season

↳sailor moon s

There is one who can stop the doom, the silence, from covering the world. In the hands of the Messiah, the world will be saved.

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sailor moon graphic meme: [1/4] outers

↳setsuna meioh/sailor pluto

She guards the doorway of space-time for all eternity. Her very existence is not allowed to be known and no one has ever seen her. A lone soldier.

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